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Head and Heart


Seniors, we’re coming down to the end here. You’re very nearly done, but for some of you there’s a decision that has to be made. The big one.

Where are you going to college? 


For many you started out with a list of 10 or so applications, and those choices were cut down by the schools themselves.

Often, other factors have led to even more schools being taken off. Maybe you didn’t get enough money, or you got into the more academically rigorous version of the same school.

And for many, you’re down to two equal, but different choices.


So today it’s time to pro: con list.

But instead of two lists, you’re going to make four.


For each of the two schools, you’re going to make a head and a heart list, with at least one pro and one con for each.

This decision is a combination of head and heart, and both should be weighted and used.

If you don’t have a strong “heart” feeling for the schools, and the head can really make things easy(head usually coming down to money). Having an overly strong “heart” feeling towards one can put all of the head factors into perspective.


Below is my actual head/heart list for my two 2 schools.


For me, the head and the heart were both very strong for school A (the school I attend) but school B was a strong contender for me. Seeing it written out, the size and name weight of the school were far less important to me than everything else, and my decision was easy.


So when you’re down to your final two, evaluate the head and the heart of each.